Karafuto Ken (Sakhalin Husky)

The Sakhalin Husky, also known as the Karafuto-ken, is all but extinct. The breed comes from Sakhalin (known in Japanese as Karafuto), a large island in the Sea of Okhotsk, just north of the northernmost Japanese island (Sakhalin is part of Russia). The indigenous people of the island include the Ainu, most of which relocated … Read more

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken is a medium sized breed that is related to the Spitz type dog. It is a national treasure of Japan, where it was bred to hunt deer. The Kai is a rare breed, and is also known as the Tora Inu (Tiger Dog).

Shikoku Inu

The Shikoku Inu is another of Japan’s shika-inus (medium sized dogs), much like the Kai and Kishu. Like many other Japanese breeds, the Shikoku was bred for hunting. These are mountain dogs and are slightly smaller in stature than the Kai and Kishu. The Shikoku is also called the Kochi-Ken, after the Kochi prefecture.

Tosa Inu

Breed: Tosa Inu Description: The Tosa Inu is a large mastiff-type dog, bred for fighting. Their coat is short and dense, and comes in several colors, including red, fawn, apricot, black and brindle. Many have black masks and some have white on their chest and feet. When you look at a Tosa Inu, you should … Read more

Kishu Inu

The Kishu Inu is a medium size dog that is related to the Kai Ken. Kishu Inu are national treasure of Japan, and only solid colors are accepted. These dogs are popular family pets in Japan. I understand that kishus are a natural japenese mounment and are not to be exported from japan, so how … Read more